I’m jealous coz I know they are in heaven now but I do hope they are helping me in life

Every time I hear this song, I will think of my eldest brother and twin brothers whom I haven’t met in person. I missed them. I wish I have the chance to see them before they left me. I know someday, I will be seeing them. I don’t know when but I know I will see them.

I know they are looking at me right now. I hope they are helping me pray for my life so that I can fully receive the blessings from God. I just need to make my life a little better so that I can fully help my family back home as well as help my own family here abroad.

Anyway, this song is a very touching song! My tears always fall whenever I hear ‘I’m Jealous’.

Happiness it’s like it will stay forever

Whenever I see happy people, it will make me happy also. It helps me to be positive in life once again. Sometimes, whenever I see happy and joyful persons, I can say that they are blessed to feel happiness and joyfulness in their hearts. It’s like it will not end. It’s like happiness will stay forever and ever. And yes, it will stay if a person will choose to be that way for life.

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I just need a money detector first

Many times, I’ve got an offer at work to be a cashier but I said ‘no’ to it. I am not confident with counting coins and I am afraid of receiving fake bills. I can remember when I shopped at the local store in our place once then I brought lots of coins, I put it in front of the cashier and I let the cashier count it for me. Ha-ha, I am afraid of karma. Although, it is nice to know how to operate a cash register machine but maybe later when I have my own money counterfeit detector I will have to accept the offer. Right now, I am looking for a good money detector and soon I will buy one so that I’ll be ready to be trained as a cashier.

Full time with my online work once again

For several months, I don’t have much updates on my blogs and that was because I had my seasonal work. I worked for 8 to 12 hours depending on the mail orders that my boss asked me to encode. There are times that I’ve got to work in the warehouse, doing cleaning on some embroidered personalized item, doing packing, making boxes, and the like. It’s fun to have my first work outside the house but I was loaded and I don’t want to apply for another work. I just want to stay at home with my kids and be a full time freelance online writer again.

Want to discover more about Technical SEO

Even if I am working online as freelancer for almost 8 years now, I’ve discovered that there are so much things to learn. In fact, every day is a learning for me, just like reading this Technical SEO. There are many things to consider when it comes to having websites and in maintaining it. At first, I thought that maintaining websites is just about posting every week but there are so many things to do in order to make it big online.

How about you? Are you still discovering on how to make it big online? Do you want to learn about Technical SEO and the like? What are the things that you’ve discovered and what are the things that you want to know more?

Cloud back

I have a friend who named herself – “tech woman” and that is because the things inside her huge bag are cellular phones, camera, 10” laptop, e-reader, and reading pads with accessories like SD cards and mini SD cards. Since she’s a tech woman, I asked her if she’s bringing a portable storage and she answered to me that there’s no need for her to bring one as she had an online backup similar to this IDrive Backup in which she’s comfortable and confident that all her files and photos are well protected. For her, having the cloud online backup is safe and is always giving her peace of mind. She can access her files anywhere she will go in any time she wants to. The online backup that she choose is so affordable with TB capacity.

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Pitch Agency

There are many ways to be successful in your business. You can do this online with placing any ads in your chosen ads company , you can place any ads in your local newspapers, print your own company’s brochures, and so much more. Speaking of online advertising, this is so effective in the modern high tech world and this I know that you already perceive this. The only thing you need to do is to find a company similar to Pitch Agency which has expertise with anything about online advertisements in promoting products and services locally and worldwide. For any inquiries, do visit the link above.

Do you know what an OPK is?

Most couples who are trying to conceive know that one way to boost their chances of conceiving is by being able to pinpoint the woman’s ovulation day. One of the many ways to track ovulation is using an OPK or an ovulation predictor kit. According to www.pregnancytips.org, how OPKs work is that they check the surge of LH or the luteinizing hormone in the body. LH is always present in a woman’s blood and urine but when you’re nearing ovulation, the LH increases to up to 5 times.

A woman usually ovulates midway through her cycle with Cycle Day 1 being the first day of her menstrual period. If you have a regular 28-day cycle, you’re most likely to ovulate around date 14. You may start using the OPK to track your ovulation around day 7-10 to ensure you don’t miss your ovulation and continue testing until you get a positive result. A positive result should show 2-dark lines in the OPK test. When you see that positive result, you are most likely to ovulate within 24-48 hours and that is the best time for the sperm to catch the egg for more chances of conceiving.

Hope this post will help you. For more information, do visit PregnancyTips.org.